About Mountain Girls

Mountain Girls is an outdoor collective created by women all over the world just like you. Together, we dream, create, we support each other and aspire to push the limits of what being a woman in nature truly is. Being a mountain girl is not about climbing the highest peaks, it is not about being stronger than others..

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Powder Mountain

Mountain girls gathered for a beautiful weekend hosted by Summit at Powder Mount..

Snow Summit

Welcome to an exclusive summer weekend with the Mountain Girls at Snow Summit an..

Bear Snowboarding

A true celebration of women in outdoor sports as we teamed up with Snow Summit a..

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Mountain Girls Big Bear California

In January I flew to California to spend the weekend in Big Bear to snowboard and ski with Mountain Girls. This time, more girls that I didn't know came to this event. I was so excited to meet new people and reunite with the girls from the last meet up. We all shared one big cabin together and I really got to know everyone. On Saturday morning, I woke up super early to catch the sunrise yoga session that was taught by one of the girls. After that, we got ready to shred the m..

Mountain Girls Eden Utah

Last October, I was invited to spend the weekend in Eden, Utah with 20 girls who I only knew from instagram photos. I was so excited and nervous to meet all of them and get to know who they really were away from social media. I flew into Salt Lake City airport where I met the two most amazing women behind Mountain Girls. They were so welcoming, I felt like I had known them forever. From there we drove north to Eden where I met the rest of the girls. In that moment I felt the happiest I had ever ..

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