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Mountain Girls Eden Utah

Thursday, 07 Jul, 2016 by Mountain Girls

Last October, I was invited to spend the weekend in Eden, Utah with 20 girls who I only knew from instagram photos. I was so excited and nervous to meet all of them and get to know who they really were away from social media. I flew into Salt Lake City airport where I met the two most amazing women behind Mountain Girls. They were so welcoming, I felt like I had known them forever. From there we drove north to Eden where I met the rest of the girls. In that moment I felt the happiest I had ever been. We all got to know each other on our sunset hike that evening and talked about how amazing it was that we were all together. The amount of positivity, love and support that took place that weekend, was something that changed my life forever.

Utah was such a beautiful place to explore and hike around in the fall. We did sunrise and sunset hikes, went hammocking, took pictures and watched the stars at night. We all bonded together so well and shared many laughs and stories. It was such a humbling experience to connect and share my love for the outdoors with so many other girls. After spending a weekend with 20 girls that I barley knew, I left Utah feeling like I just made 20 more amazing, beautiful friends that I will forever keep close to my heart.


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